Shot Hunt


You can choose from 3 different models.

The ShotHunt™ STANDARD (STD) is a small convenient digital electronic hearing protector, used primarily within the firearm sports. It’s discreet and will not interfere with shooting glasses, head wear, or active target shooting movements. It is available in Hunter Orange or Brown.

The ShotHunt™ Push Button Series (PBS) is an “all blue” unit and uses a small push button on the faceplate to control volume settings vs the ShotHunt™ Standard Series that uses a spin dial.  The user can cycle through the programs for various hearing capabilities.

The ShotHunt™ Wireless Electronic Earplug System (WEE) maintains the same P2i water resilient features but allows the use of wireless communications via selective two-way radios or mobile devices. It interfaces with a induction neckloop with PTT button.

NOTE: These plugs need to be custom fit for your ear. Contact Us now to schedule an appointment.

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