Music Monitors


You can choose from 6 different models.

The  Z1™Music Monitors are a step up from our single driver iPlugz Recreational Sports Monitor. The differences being made with a polished acrylic hard shell material and pro audio cord that can be detached from the faceplate of the monitor.

The Z2™ Music Monitors are the perfect fit for entry-level professional music monitoring system.   They are perfect for the emerging musician, passionate audiophile, audio engineer or sound board operator who is looking for better sound quality in a custom isolating monitoring system.

The Z3™ Music Monitors is designed for the serious musician and music lover. It offers the same benefits as the Z2™, but separates the audio into a triple driver design combination.

The Z4™ Music Monitors are the beginning of our upper level professional in ear monitoring systems. They feature a tri-port audio construction with two bass drivers, one mid driver and one high driver along with a three-way crossover design.

The Z6™ Music Monitors take the construction of the Z5™ and adds an additional tweeter for cleaner vocals and clarity to higher frequencies. It incorporates two base end drivers, two mids and two highs along with 4 way crossover for smoother performance.

The Z8™ Music Monitors are the highest performing music monitor we market. They feature a 6 way crossover design built between two base end drivers, three mids and three highs. Thus, delivering a performance with deeper and stronger frequency ranges with an extremely clean sound spectrum across the board!

NOTE: These plugs need to be custom fit for your ear. Contact Us now to schedule an appointment.

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